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This scuba diving adventure is a 2 tank dive into the mystical waters surrounding Cano Island off the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. Depending on your level of experience as a certified scuba diver, you will go to special dive sites to complete 2 separate dives ranging from 45 to 100 feet deep. This will offer you a chance to see the marine life that lives in the pelagic zone, the area of water neither near the bottom nor close to the shore, as well as visit a protected reef in the Pacific. These beautiful waters are where huge schools of fish flourish.

Your tour begin at Drake Bay where you will meet with your certified PADI guide in preparation for the day’s adventure. Before beginning the trip out to the island, your bilingual guide will discuss with you the importance of this area and the laws protecting it. Your group will then take a boat out to the best diving locations.

The 1 hour boat ride is the perfect opportunity to look for manta rays bursting from the water, giant sea turtles swimming by, and dolphins playing in the warm waters. The shoreline is rimmed by jungle that is home to brightly colored macaws, coatimundis, iguanas, and more. This is the only area in Costa Rica where all 4 species of monkeys thrive: White-headed Capuchin, Squirrel, Howler, and Spider monkeys. Certain times of year Humpback whales and Orcas can be seen from the boat as they migrate north and south.

You will be provided with all diving equipment including fins, mask, weights, and tanks. As you plunge into the aquamarine water, your guide will assist you in identifying the colorful tropical fish, moray eels, barracuda, and several species of sharks. You will have your first dive and then rest on the beautiful beach while you appreciate a cool drink of water. After that, you will enjoy another dive.

Upon completion of the second dive, you will board the boat and head back to the Pirate Cove Hotel where you will be served a lunch especially prepared for you and your group.

Cano Island has many of the same species of marine life that live in the waters of the Galapagos Islands. Visibility ranges from 40 to 90 feet year round and the waters are alive with thousands of fish in large schools. There are Jacks, Snapper, Devil Rays, Angelfish, Parrotfish, and white tip reef sharks. There have also been sightings of giant Whale and Bull sharks as well as the occasional Hammerhead.

Cano Island is a protected biological reserve and historically significant because it is believed to have been a sacred burial ground for pre-Columbian indigenous people. Artifacts have been found on the island with relics dating back to 200 A.D. It is possible the island once was a trading post.

The island and surrounding waters are strictly protected. Tourism is regulated and visitors are allowed to dive, snorkel, and swim but exploring the island is restricted to the beach area only. Only drinking water is allowed onshore as food may affect the stability of the wildlife. For your convenience, fresh water showers and restrooms are located on the boats.

This tour includes a bilingual, PADI certified guide, all diving equipment, national park fee, drinking water, and lunch. The boat trip to and from the island is typically between 45 and 60 minutes each way. Combined time of 2 scuba dives plus round trip boat transportation can take from 5.5 to 6.5 hours Please bring a dry change of clothing, your camera, binoculars, non-skid deck shoes, your bathing suit and a towel, sunblock, and a hat. You must be a certified scuba diver to participate in this tour although certification courses are available that include other dives in the area. This underwater wonderland is the perfect place to capture memories of your dive using a waterproof camera.

What to Bring

  • Bathing Suit
  • Towel
  • Sunblock
  • Hat
  • Camera
  • Non-skid Shoes
  • Dry Clothes To Change Into

Location and Availability

The Scuba Diving Cano Island - Pirate Cove Hotel is available from Drake Bay

Tour Time

  • 6:00am

Tour Type

  • Diving

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Recommended Ages

11 and up


Latitude: N 8° 41' 51.22"
Longitude: W 83° 39' 14.21"


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  • Guides: 90%
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  • Value: 94.4%


I love an adventure! Small boat, rainy day, can't possibly complain. We got to see two octopus on our second dive- a real treat!


Our son had a severe headache after his dive. The staff did everything right to address it, and were well trained in first aid. The headache was NOT due to any error by the staff. The dive experience was otherwise really good.