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The Catalina Islands are the place to be for awesome scuba diving! Home to the giant Pacific Manta rays, these nutrient rich waters attract a multitude of marine life. This is an exciting 2 tank dive for the more experienced, certified open water diver.

Your tour begins with transportation from your hotel to the Rich Coast Dive Center at Coco Beach, also known as Playas del Coco. There you will meet your professional PADI dive guides, sign in with your diving credentials, and receive all the necessary equipment including 2 tanks, fins, mask, and weights.

Then you’ll hop on board a dive boat taking you out to the Catalina Islands, or “Cats”. Your diving destination is located up to 15 miles off the Playa Grande coastline. The approximate 1-hour boat ride allows plenty of time for your professional guide to inform you of all safety procedures, diving tips, and wildlife possibilities as the boat navigates to the best diving locations. Your dive sites will be picked on the day of your visit based on existing conditions.

The world renowned Catalina Islands are a chain of 20 huge rock islands off Costa Rica’s northwest coast. The ocean temperature here stays between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for nutrients to thrive and attract a multitude of marine life year round. Because there are no estuaries to bring sludge into these waters, the visibility remains a consistent 18 to 75 feet year round.

This isolated and uninhabited area is home to hundreds of schools of fish including Barber fish, Parrot fish, King Angelfish, Barracudas, and Scorpion fish to name a few. You will also have the opportunity to see a variety of sharks such as the Bull shark, White-tip reef sharks, and possibly Tiger sharks.

Depending on the time of year, specifically September to March, you may be fortunate enough to spot Humpback whales, Orcas, Pilot whales and various species of dolphin. As the waters cool down from November to May, schools of giant Manta rays can be seen feeding in the area.

The Catalinas are famous for the ray population. The giant Mantas can weigh up to 3,000 pounds with a wingspan of up to 24 feet. Not only will you be amazed at the size and grace of the giant Mantas, you may also see other species of rays like the Spotted rays, Bulls-eye, Stingray, Bat rays, and Electric rays.

This exciting scuba diving tour includes 2 tanks, professional, PADI certified guides, dive boat, all diving and safety equipment, bottled water, fresh water showers, plus transportation from the Papagayo area. One way transport can take from 15 to 45 minutes depending on the location of your hotel. The total time for this magical underwater adventure is between 5.5 to 6.5 hours including round trip transportation from your hotel.

Please bring your bathing suit, sun protective clothing, sunglasses, hat, sunblock, camera and a dry change of clothing. You must show your diving credentials to go scuba diving. This scuba tour is for the experienced, open water, certified diver. The diving conditions and currents change frequently, and your experienced guides will minimize the possibility of strong currents when choosing the dive sites based on existing conditions. Get ready to dive right in!

What to Bring

  • Proof Of Diving Certification
  • Bathing Suit
  • Sun Protective Clothing
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Sunblock
  • Camera
  • A Dry Change Of Clothing

Tour Time

  • 8:30am

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Cancellation Policy


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